Alterations from Simple to Complex


Beyond Stitching, offers a whole range of clothing alterations from simple to complicated things. That covers the use of tails, shoulders, sizes, size changes, the introduction of special touches to bridal clothing, shortages, and more..


Premier Alteration Services


We offer the largest alteration services in the Greater Manchester area and encompass all of our customers. Beyond Stitching is the one choice that will never fail you down for unparalleled, cheap wardrobe changes. Play your dress, vintage jacket, work suit or favourite jeans without bringing them to Beyond Stitching and let us give them back to you a fit.

Alterations SERVICE

We have the best tailoring techniques, threads, sewing machines and meticulous attention to detail.

Wedding Gowns and Formal Wear

Don’t show up to the wedding or awards show looking like you’re wearing someone else’s gown or suit. We’ll make sure yours is a perfect fit before you hit the aisle or stage.

Blouses and Shirts

We’ll take them in or let them out, shorten the sleeves or loosen the collar. We can even alter the profile of your blouse or shirt to make it fit today’s design ethos.

Jeans and Trousers

Why spend hard-earned money on an expensive new pair of jeans or trousers when we can lengthen, shorten, taper, or otherwise alter your current pair to look new?

Skirts and Dresses

Bring your skirt or dress to Beyond Stitching and let our master seamstresses work their magic. Lengthening, shortening, pleating, restyling and more are all on the Beyond Stitching menu.

Coats and Jackets

Sometimes the difference between this year’s coat or jacket and last year’s is little more than collar width or hem length. Bring yours in and we’ll update it for you.

Minor Alterations

It’s a rare person that doesn’t have something in their closet that needs to be tucked or hemmed. We perform a full range of simple alterations that will bring your everyday wardrobe back to life.

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