Foam Shaping

Residential and Commercial Foam Shaping

While un-upholstered chairs have their place in the furniture world, most people prefer the comfort and relaxation that comes with cushioning. For this reason, the sofa is frequently the most popular piece of furniture in the home. A plush, soft sofa or chair is made possible by something you rarely see: the foam buried behind the upholstery fabric. If this foam is worn out, broken, or simply insufficient, you should consult with the experts at Beyond Stitching about having it increased or replaced in whole or in part. It takes years of knowledge to be able to correctly mould foam into shapes that will match the contours of your furniture. If one padded arm of the sofa does not exactly match the other in size and shape, the entire sofa is virtually wrecked from an aesthetic aspect. The same is true for different sorts of chairs. It is critical that any new foam closely matches the shape of the current foam. Our foam shape professionals at Beyond Stitching make replacement foam parts that are exact to fractions of an inch, ensuring that your restored furniture always looks fantastic.

Residential and Commercial Foam Shaping SERVICE

In Manchester, we use the greatest tailoring techniques, made-to-measure clothing, and bespoke tailoring services.

Foam Shaping

Whatever size and shape foam piece you require and whatever its ultimate use the Beyond Stitching experts can create it for you within exacting tolerances

Foam Cushions

New foam inserts can bring your old cushions back to life in a hurry. Restore your throw cushions to a state of luxurious comfort with replacement foam.

Bar Chairs Too

Replacement foam is not just for residential sofas. Commercial bar chairs too often need to have their foam padding replaced and Beyond Stitching can do it for you

Sofa Shaping

Even beloved sofas wear down over time. That doesn’t mean you need a new one. Let us replace worn-out foam and instill new life in your sofa.

Foam Replacement

Sometimes a client will want us to create a full set of replacement foam in order to inject the entire sofa with new life.

Fast Turnarounds

We can create custom foam shapes for you and have them ready in a fraction of the time it might take other shops to do the same.

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