Peerless Skirt and Trouser Alterations

Beyond Stitching adjustments are what we do, whether for working or social occasions, you need to alter a special skirt or a pair of pants or a big night out, we trust. All of our changes are done by our skilled seamstresses utilising the best materials and threads. Their strict attention to detail and rejection of acceptance "good enough" makes us a leading change and repair shop in the north west. Whether you have a big date or a schedule one, you can be confident that Beyond Stitching looks for the best you can from your front door. This skirt or pant you have always liked, but felt you couldn't wear it, will again brighten after a while with our Beyond Stitching changers.


We have the best tailoring techniques, threads, sewing machines and meticulous attention to detail.


We alter and repair linings or replace old linings with brand new ones that will make your skirt seem like it’s straight off the rack.

Lengthening and Shortening

Whether you need your skirt or trousers lengthened or shortened we’ll do so in a way that will be absolutely undetectable to anyone and everyone.


Whether you need the zipper repaired, replaced or even moved from the side to the back our master seamstresses will take care of it in a jiffy.


If your skirt is 3 or even 4 sizes too large we can resize it for you and transform it into your new favourite garment


If you have a pair of trousers that you love but for the bottom of the legs bring them to us and let us taper them for you.


With the right type of skirt or trousers, it is possible to add pleats after the fact and create a whole new look. Ask us about how it’s done.

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