Trouser Alterations

Trouser Alterations

Bodies change as frequently as fashion trends. You put or lose weight. If you're still in college, you're probably still growing in height. It's a pity when a perfectly fine pair of trousers becomes unwearable due to these or any other reason. Consider bringing them to Beyond Stitching instead of putting them in the back of the closet. Our professional tailors will transform them from unwearable afterthoughts to the focal point of your outfit, all for a reasonable price. Beyond Stitching is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious clothing repair and alteration services in the Manchester area. We distinguish ourselves from the competition via our attention to detail, reasonable prices, and unrivaled level of customer service. Even something as seemingly insignificant as trouser adjustments necessitates the skillful touch of the master tailor to be done correctly, which is why so many people entrust us with their repair and alteration needs.


We have the best tailoring techniques, threads, sewing machines and meticulous attention to detail.

Trouser Alterations

Whether an integral part of a beloved suit or more casual trousers you wear on the job or when  you’re out on the town we’ll make them look and feel like new.


Oftentimes people buy new trousers without trying them on only to get them home and discover they’re too long. No problem. Bring them to Beyond Stitching.

Zipper Replacement

If your zipper is broken or simply not to your taste bring it to Beyond Stitching and let our master tailors replace it for you quickly and affordably.


If you’ve just purchased a pair of high-end trousers chances are they’ll need to be hemmed. Bring them to Beyond Stitching. We’ll do it right.


The size of the opening at the bottom of the leg may not be to your liking. Not to worry. We’ll taper your trouser legs to fit your taste.


Re-Cutting involves using the fabric of your existing trousers to create a new pair. It’s an exacting process but well within the scope of our master tailors.

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