Bridal Wear Alterations

Bridal Wear Alterations

Your bridal gown should present you in the best possible light on your wedding day. However, the bridal gown is frequently chosen many months in advance, and at that time, ideas change, venues change, themes change, and you change. Bring your bridal gown to Beyond Stitching for last-minute modifications, adjustments, and refinements if this occurs. We've been making brides look their best for years; it's a job we love and one that gives us a lot of happiness. Our bridal wear alteration services aren't only for brides. We also provide adjustments for bridesmaids, the Mother of the Bride, and other bridal party members. Everyone will be bathed in the day's reflected light, and everyone's attire will exude a great sense of custom-tailored flair. Beyond Stitching works directly with you to ensure that every adjustment, no matter how large or tiny, improves the aesthetic and comfort of your bridal gown. We sweat the details so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the moment.

Bridal Wear Alterations SERVICE

In Manchester, we use the greatest tailoring techniques, made-to-measure clothing, and bespoke tailoring services.

Last Minute Alterations

Our master seamstresses will make last minute adjustments that will give your bridal wear a sense of customized luxury on the day of the wedding.


Re-pleating your bridal wear is another way to achieve a bespoke fit without re-inventing your dress. You’ll look and feel more at ease.

Adjusting the Hem

Finding the right hem position requires taking into consideration both height and heel size. If the heel size changes the hem will need alteration.

Bust Alterations

Depending on weight loss or gain since the dress was originally fit bust and waist alterations may be necessary. Beyond Stitching will handle it quickly and effectively.

Cup Additions

Like other brides you may decide not wear a bra beneath their bridal gown. In which case you may want to add a cup size to your dress


If your gown has a long train we can add a bustle to the back that will allow you to move with greater ease during the reception.

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