Zips, Hems & Invisible Mending

Zips, Hems & Invisible Mending

Beyond Stitching understands how upsetting it can be to have a loose hem, a broken zipper, or a tear in a favourite skirt or pair of jeans. We also understand that these issues may appear to be ideal candidates for do-it-yourself solutions. Repairing or installing a new zipper, creating a proper, long-lasting hemline, and repairing a torn, cut, or worn area of a garment, on the other hand, require the kind of expertise that only a master seamstress or tailor can provide. That is why we have come. We get it right the first time, every time, and all you have to do is give us a shot to see how true that statement is. Clothes, particularly high-quality clothing, are costly. Beyond Stitching is the smart choice if your expensive skirt, trousers, or jeans get caught on a sharp object or simply wear through from frequent use. We have the knowledge and experience to perform any type of repair on any type of garment. Nobody, including you, will be able to tell there was ever a problem. Don't squander your time and energy attempting to master tailoring overnight. Allow the professionals at Beyond Stitching to restore your garments to their original condition while you focus on other things.

Zips, Hems & Invisible Mending SERVICE

We have the best tailoring techniques, threads, sewing machines and meticulous attention to detail.

Invisible Mending

With invisible mending our master seamstresses repair worn out or damaged areas of your garment without leaving a trace that there was ever a problem.

Cut and Tear Repair

An unaddressed cut or tear will soon expand to destroy your garment. Our Beyond Stitching experts can repair cuts and tears quickly, effectively and affordably.

Hem Repair

Repairing a loose hem so that it stays put is not something just anyone can do well. Trust Beyond Stitching to get it right.

Hem Relocation

Our master tailors make it look easy but raising or lowering the hemline is another seemingly simple task that actually requires plenty of training and practice.

Zipper Repair

It’s important that the zipper be repaired or replaced properly. If it’s not it will fail again in short order. Let Beyond Stitching handle it and rest easy.

Zipper Relocation

Sometimes you want the zipper on your skirt to be in the back instead of on the side or vice versa. Beyond Stitching can move it for you.

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