Waistcoat Alterations

Waistcoat Repair and Alterations

Beyond Stitching offers a wide range of adjustments for suits and formal wear in every style and material imaginable. Whether it's trouser hems, waistcoat buckles, tuxedo buttons, dinner jacket lapels, shoulder pads, or pocket linings, and whether it's sharkskin, gabardine, tweed, linen, corduroy, or classic wool, our alterations team performs unrivaled adjustments, repairs, modifications, and re-shapings to transform your troublesome wardrobe components into personal statements of position and place. Beyond Stitching employs the most talented and dedicated artisans in Greater Manchester, and no one aims for a higher level of overall client satisfaction than Beyond Stitching. Beyond Stitching wants every item of clothing to appear and feel its best, therefore we strive for quality in every stitch, hem, seam, and pleat. Our unrivaled attention to detail, along with our reasonable pricing, means we're more than just a first-rate repair and alteration shop; we're a full-service value provider. Every change we make will withstand the rigors of your demanding lifestyle and present you in the best light possible. Don't squander your time and money on unproven, low-cost "tailors." Instead, come to Beyond Stitching and experience the real thing with reasonable prices.

Waistcoat Alterations SERVICE

We have the best tailoring techniques, threads, sewing machines and meticulous attention to detail.

Size Adjustments

If you’ve put on or taken off some pounds chances are you’ll need to adjust the size of your waistcoat. Our master tailors will make it look easy.

Adjusting the Length

If your waistcoat is from a vintage clothing shop chances are it will need to be adjusted. We’ll adjust the length so if fits you to a T.

Adding Pockets

In some cases you may want to add a pocket or pockets to your waistcoat for functional purposes. We’ll make them look entirely natural.

Changing Buttons

Sometimes simply swapping out the buttons on your waistcoat can make all the difference. Bring it to Beyond Stitching and make sure it’s done properly.

Replace the Lining

Waistcoat linings are one of their most compelling aspects. We can replace your current waistcoat lining with one that will dovetail more closely with your tastes.

Custom Fitting

Bring your waistcoat to Beyond Stitching and take advantage of our custom fitting services. We’ll have you looking like a million on no time.

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